Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Opening of a Mouneh Shop - Dekenet al Falamanki

Someone went out and finally done it!!! Wish it had been me....

Good for them. Falamanki on Damascus road, the new trendy Lebanese restaurant is opening a mouneh shop. When I entered the premises, it was like O my goodness! This looks like the Mouneh book. I was so happy to see my book everywhere too. I feel very close to this idea and concept. I wish them all the success. The most important point is that they are working on bringing small scale producers closer to end users (consumers). May they always be true to this philosophy. The place is very cozy, you must come and visit. I will be signing copies of Man'oushe and Mouneh, if anyone is interested.

For those who want to read the details in English:

You're cordially invited you to the opening of Dekkanet Al Falamanki on Friday, April 20 between 4pm and 8pm in Al Falamanki's garden.

The opening is animated/MC'd by: Al Zeytoun, Al Jams, Al Makdouss, Al Cheese, etc (this is a traditional lebanese expression to say who's the entertainment of the night).
The event is open to public.

Dekkanet AL Falamanki is a boutique where all sorts of provisions offered from many villages of Lebanon can be found. Seasonally oriented and farm fresh, Dekkanet al Falamanki is specialized in providing you with blossoming foods of the months; Whether you are looking for arak, jams, pickles, dairy products or even oils our boutique is dedicated to bringing traditional flavors into your home.

Tel: 01-333246; address: Al Falamanki gardens, Sodeco, Damascus road, Beirut. 
Open from 7am till midnight.

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