Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lebanese Ministry of Health Declaration

Read this : It pertains to what has been declared by the ministry of health about food in Lebanon in supermarkets and restaurants. Anyway, I am writing my opinion on this blog. If help is needed to make a thorough study and implementation on food safety in Lebanon, I'm willing to help. This is not the way that this issue should have been tackled. Lebanon is corrupted in so many ways, let's try to work on the problem instead of pointing the finger. Let's work on solutions. We know the problems are there. We've known all along. The government needs to work on a precise plan to avoid such incidences that only harm us as a country.

I wrote this on Facebook earlier when I read this...

On these good words or bad words, I shall go out tonight to a restaurant with my hubby in Beirut, Lebanon and eat GOOD FOOD. This is a crying shame. We should start by implementing rules and regulations then blaming those that don't abide. When I saw that Kebabji was on the list then I began to really doubt this report. I have visited the cold rooms and kitchens of Kebabji and I can tell you that a hospital kitchen may not have the standards they abide by... So did we really need this explosion now when the country is going to HELL? Did we need to chase out the few adventurous tourists? Was it the right way to handle the situation, I really don't think so. We need to educate, teach, set rules then act accordingly. This is how it is done in civilized countries. Start from the beginning not the other way around. This is my opinion. Could not keep it in. Voila! Having said that: the best way to know where your food comes from is to grow it yourself. Am I too idealistic, you bet your ass I am. This is where I am heading baby, one day, very soon! Eat local, befriend a farmer. Ask him to raise cows or sheep or anything you fancy only for you. Why do Lebanese spend so much money on cars, clothes, etc and not on good, clean and fair foods they put in their bodies. REVOLUTION! I'm ready! Abou Faour let's meet!