Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
Spring time always inspires me...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beirut Street Food Festival

Barbara (that's me) and Albert Massaad @foodyoulike  (my son) will be participating at the Street Food Festival this year representing Slow Food Beirut. We will be making flat breads with all kind of toppings: call them pizza, call them man'oushe, call them bread cooked with love. This will be a special occasion for mother and son, before Albert goes off to university at Lyon to study at Paul Bocusse to be a chef / restaurateur. Not only that but this will be a special day for Albert as he celebrates his18th birthday! Also on the agenda, the newly formed Slow Food Youth Network Lebanon will be cooking soup with vegetables which would have been dumped otherwise. Keep posted.

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Beirut Graffiti

Beirut Graffiti
Monday May 25 2015... Building is being torn down. Horrible.

The Mother Of Slow Food

I had the privilege to stay at Alice Water's house and live through her Chez Panisse restaurant with some awesome people. I visited the farms she works with and the edible school garden too... It was an experience I will never forget. Finally, people who are meant to meet, do! Why, because they share the same philosophy. It's basic, eat food that is less processed, straight from the earth to your mouth which has been treated without too much fuss, just naturally grown as mother nature intended. We humans complicate things and create chaos. It's so sad what has happened to the world's food system. Can we really call it food? One must respect what goes in one's mouth. Expensive to buy organic foods? I don't think so, considering that you buy designer clothes, etc... Isn't it more important what you put in your body than what you put to cover it? The whole system is messed up. The more we advance in technology, the more we are ruining the basics of our human lifestyle and going into a large gap of nothing. I know I am writing you on a computer through Facebook.... The irony of it all! So cheers Alice Waters to the mother of Slow Food International, I am continuing what you have started. I hope I can get good results as you have.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Diet for A New America - Hosted by John Robbins

Sometimes you read or watch something and say, "HEY this is exactly how I think". Please watch this video if you don't have time to read the book. Diet For A New America - Hosted by John Robbins.

Onno - Sad News, Owner Dies in a Car Crash

Today my friend Helena posted on Facebook the sad news about the owner of ONNO, Karnigue Nicolian, brother of Carmen Nicolian. Many of you may know that this is one of my favorite restaurants in Beirut. I wrote a review in 2012 and they put it on the wall of the restaurant in Bourj Hamoud. I am so proud to be a tiny part of this restaurant. The family who own and operate it are lovely and really cook with love. They have been in operation for 25 years and finally a year ago, they got their big break—They opened in Badaro and were also going to open in Hamra....and now BANG! Life is so unfair. I am very sad.

It is with a very heavy heart and enormous sadness that I write these few words. Karnigue Nicolian passed away yesterday in a car accident. His funeral is going to take place at the Sourp Nishan Church at 3:00 P.M. this afternoon. Our condolences go to his wife, Siran and his daughters, and his sister, Carmen and brother, Nazo. We are saddened by this news and pray that he rests in peace. Helena Krikorian Zakharia

Slow Down

I majored in advertising / marketing and worked in the field for many years before turning into a total food activist / researcher, etc... so when I see material which really strikes me as good. I am very much aware of the work...
Sit back, while having your morning coffee and read this text... breath in... breath out!

Because Slow Food is getting to people, even advertising companies are using the the "Slow Down" motto for their campaigns. I picked up a brochure at a food fair somewhere for bison (Canadian Meat). I'll spare you the details on the bison meat, but would like to share what they had to write about slowing down...

"Today, more people are shopping the farmers' markets. Buying fresh, locally grown food. Chopping it, dicing it and marinating it themselves. Then serving it the same night. To good friends. They're sitting down with cloth napkins, perhaps a few candles and yes real cutlery. They're offering appetizers before, dessert after, and maybe a humble opinion in between. What they're doing is slowing down. Taking a deep breath. Recognizing that life isn't a tyrant, and that the kitchen and the table can be centers of pleasures, culture and community. It's a good thing. A revival. One that you can take part in and benefit from. You can start by eating ....(advertising at play here)."

What do you think?