Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Slow Down

I majored in advertising / marketing and worked in the field for many years before turning into a total food activist / researcher, etc... so when I see material which really strikes me as good. I am very much aware of the work...
Sit back, while having your morning coffee and read this text... breath in... breath out!

Because Slow Food is getting to people, even advertising companies are using the the "Slow Down" motto for their campaigns. I picked up a brochure at a food fair somewhere for bison (Canadian Meat). I'll spare you the details on the bison meat, but would like to share what they had to write about slowing down...

"Today, more people are shopping the farmers' markets. Buying fresh, locally grown food. Chopping it, dicing it and marinating it themselves. Then serving it the same night. To good friends. They're sitting down with cloth napkins, perhaps a few candles and yes real cutlery. They're offering appetizers before, dessert after, and maybe a humble opinion in between. What they're doing is slowing down. Taking a deep breath. Recognizing that life isn't a tyrant, and that the kitchen and the table can be centers of pleasures, culture and community. It's a good thing. A revival. One that you can take part in and benefit from. You can start by eating ....(advertising at play here)."

What do you think?

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