Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

L'Orient Le Jour Food Videos - Culinary Travels through Lebanon

L'Orient Le Jour, the French daily Lebanese newspaper, has recorded a series of food-related videos and has posted them on their site. I absolutely love to watch these culinary travels, it reminds me of my own. Of course I would have liked to see the traditional ways of doing these dishes,for example the pounding of the meat on a slab of marble. They have been adapted to present life and its convenience. I have left LBC and Helwi Beirut a while ago when all the problems began. It just felt right. I've been told that one of the presenters is doing a similar attempt to create a culinary tour. I wish them all the luck and success. My vision towards this subject remains authentic. Nowadays, I'm careful about traveling in fear of being kidnapped. Ok, I'm being dramatic maybe - but when I get warnings every week from the US embassy in my mail box. I tend to cool down and think that maybe it's a good thing to slow down. A lot pending in my life (work wise). While in the US, I had made up so many dreams of building and now that I am back home (Beirut) every single one of them is beginning to disappear. It's hard to build in a country that could erupt into a fiery mess, a volcano in the making. Still, in my head, I'm planning my next move. Mouneh in Arabic is the next step. That is a promise!

If you are interested to watch more, here enclosed are all the links. Thank you L'Orient for taking the time to document our most valuable asset (Lebanese food).

1. La moujadara de fassoulya de Hammana OLJ
2. Les kebbes de Zghorta et Ehden - OLJ.
3. La moujadara hamra du Sud-Liban - OLJ.
4. Les sfihas de Baalbeck - OLJ.
5. La mouwaraqa d'Amchit - OLJ.
6. Le Qerban de Khenchara - OLJ.
7. Hreeseh of Bhamdoun  OLJ.
8. Seniora of Saida OLJ
9. Le Helewet el Jebn de Tripoli OLJ 
10. La Moufataka de Beyrouth OLJ