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Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beth Howard, Author of Making PieceVisits Lebanon in July

Serendipity... Life is always full of surprises! Thank God for that. On a trip to the USA in Seattle years ago, I fell upon a book called Making Piece. Of course, I bought it although it was stained with coffee. You know lots of people come to Barnes and Nobles, drink coffee and browse for hours through cookbooks. Am I one of those people, you bet!

I brought the book home to Lebanon and read it in a few days. I could relate to Beth's passion and finding therapy through food. I often write the author of the book I read to show my appreciation for his / her writing with an effort to make the story last longer. When I finish a book, I often get the blues because I want more and feel that by ending the book I am cutting relations with that story. My attempt to contact the author is to make the story part of my life too. Some authors connect with me and stay friends for life, others don't.

Beth's Pie Book
Beth Howard and I connected two years ago. We have been following each other since then through social networks. She is part of my life, as I am part of hers. I received a letter that she is planning to come and visit me this summer as part of a project entitled, "World Piece". I am delighted! I wrote on her Facebook page, "The queen of American pie comes to meet the queen of Lebanese pie", not that we take ourselves too seriously but we have both been coined as such.

She has created a website for this project. This is what she wrote concerning her trip to Lebanon. "From India, I fly to Beirut, Lebanon, with a five-hour stopover in Cairo. Because the round-the-world ticket only allows so many stopovers I won’t get to explore Egypt, the birthplace of pie, or see the pyramids (unless they are visible from the plane), but at least my feet will get to touch that red, electrified, ancient African soil — the cradle of mankind where all this madness started. In Beirut, I will spend a week with cookbook author, photographer, and social activist, Barbara Massaad. She was one of the original anchors to this trip and while it is tricky to get to Lebanon — and the US suggests avoiding it — this stop underscores everything about my mission as it’s all about using pie to spread goodwill and promote peace."

Beth Howard
 If you would like to follow her adventure, please do. I will post on her adventures in Lebanon when she arrives this summer. It will be great fun to cook together in Ballouneh!

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