Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mamnoon's Heavenly Hospitality

Mamnoon's sweeping, clean-lined room minimally furnished with track lighting, black tables, black chairs and a freestanding black wall between the dining area and kitchen has a jangly disco energy. But if you're going out with a group or craving more vivid flavors, Mamnoon's the better restaurant. Hannah Raskin.
Read the review of Mamnoon in the Seattle Weekly by Hannah Raskin. You can watch the slide show of the food and location too. It's amazing really how a dream became a reality. So proud to have been part of the building block. The Harouns and Chef Garrett really worked hard to make the food taste great and look authentic. The design of the place is modern with a sense of Middle Eastern roots. Very classy! Now there is a whole team working hard to make the food scene happen every night. If only Seattle was not so far away! I'm dying to go and see it live. Yalla soon...

Ma'noushe isn't as familiar to American eaters as hummus or falafel, so Mamnoon's trying to stoke the preparation's local reputation by serving it at dinnertime, neatly rolled and quartered. (Other concessions to western expectations include ma'amoul, customarily a filled blimp of a cookie, remade as a tart.) Ma'noushe is very much a street snack, so the tactic is tantamount to putting croque monsieurs on a menu dominated by duck a l'orange and sole meuniere. But the restaurant is hereby permitted to do whatever it takes to sell more of its wonderfully satisfying man'oushe at its glassed-in takeout counter, which occupies the front half of the restaurant. Hannah Raskin
Exectuive chef Garrett Melkonian platting up the Kebab. Hannah Raskin

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