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Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chef Ramzi's, The Chef's Corner

Ok, I think I'm getting obsessed with my fruits / vegetables. I just bought a book which I think is really worth it. It is written by an organic farmer in the USA. He has a farm called Angelic Organic and his name is Farmer Johan Peterson. The book is entitled FARMER JOHN'S COOKBOOK. Wonderful, why you may ask? John talks alot about farming. My absolute dream! But he goes further to farming describing each vegetable with recipes to go with each category... Huumm, kind of what I'm working on... but me it's local recipes as his are a mixture of many. The book is unpretentious, yet it so vital. I am in awe reading away and discovering new delicious things to do with my fruits and vegetables. I believe that once you have a load of them, sky is the limit to what you can do in terms of cooking something really special. The important thing is to teach your children that fruits and vegetables are the main and most important factor in feeding oneself and the rest is topping on the cake... well almost, bread is definitely not topping... can't live without it...So I'm sure you are wandering where I found this treasure. Chef Ramzi, my new found friend, has opened a place called the Chef's Corner. It is located under his school, Kafaat on the mainroad heading to Beit Mery. It is a place where you can take cooking lessons (both for adults and children), a place where you can buy all kind of neat chef's utensils, and a place where you can buy BOOKS! Not any kind of books, but the ones that are part of the Gourmand Cookbook Award.... Man'oushe, included, of course! I recently did Sarah's birthday (my youngest daughter) there... The kids had a blast, including ME! They learned to make a rich salad, kebbeh bil saniyeh (Sarah choice!), pizza, and worked on decorating the birthday cake. It was truly magical! There is nothing more exciting than seeing kids start their culinary apprenticeship. I really love being part of that, there's an idea growing inside of me... I'll let you know about it soon. SO, to sum it up, go visit Chef Ramzi's place - I'm sure there's something for each one of you... and remember you heard it here... :)


Anonymous said...

C'est super de savoir que c'est un endroit "bien". Ca fait un an qu'il a ouvert, c'est a 2 pas de chez moi, et je n'y suis jamais allee (shame on me, I know). Yella, il faudra le faire un jour.

Tonnie Choueiri said...

Looks wonderful How can we contact Chef's corner to take courses/ workshops?

Anonymous said...

Hello chef, I'm looking for a kri kri roasted peanuts recipe or recipes. I would like to make them here in the United States and haven't had any success finding a recipe. Are you familiar with kri kri peanuts? can you please do a blog on it if you are.