Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Le Galet - A Fish Restaurant in Tabarja

Ziad Akkaoui, the man behind the new restaurant in Tabarja Le Galet, has finally acted on his "calling". Le Galet is a fish restaurant and a future sushi bar located in the coastal village of Tabarja overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The setting is very relaxing, the food is delicious, the service is friendly, and the ambiance will bring you back over and over again. It's the perfect outing for a family, as all the children head for the beach full of beach pebbles. It can also be the perfect setting for a couple looking for romance. You can start with some arak served with homemade pickles, and continue with an array of seafood mezza along with the quintessential plates of hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush, etc. My favorite appetizer is a shrimp dish cooked in oil with slits of garlic and chili peppers. It was hard for me to let go of the dish full of oil - perfect for dipping. As you make your order, you have to choose the fish you want to eat after the lavish appetizer setup. You can have your fish deep-fried or grilled seasoned with cumin and other local spice flavors served with a bed of vegetables. The seafood tastes fresh and Ziad explained to me that he personally goes to Tripoli to the fish market every morning to pick out the catch of the day to serve to his customers. The recipes have been revised and you can feel the creative touch and feel of the chef. I visited the kitchen and was impressed by its cleanliness and by its organized setup. I wish Ziad and his restaurant Le Galet success and longevity. I think when one follows his passion and works on making it happen with determination and professionalism, it's bound to work! For reservations call: 09 853871/2 or 09-103830 or 70-542221.

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