Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Final Day at Horeca

I think the final day was one of the best days at the fair... We had two important guests: Al Hallab and Baba Sweets. Al Hallab is notorious for its production of delicious oriental sweets, a destination one always visits in Tripoli. Baba Sweets is another famous stop located at the other extreme of the country in the city of Saida, among other locations. Things definitely got sticky with all the sugar, but it was definitely a great treat for both Chef Richard and I, and of course our huge crowds.

Al Hallab prepared Halawet el Jebn - This is made with unsalted fresh cow milk cheese that is boiled for a few minutes. Its water is thrown out and butter is added, melted and mixed with semolina. The mixture is cooked to a fine dough then it is put on a large round tray. The cheese is then pulled and stretched and becomes very elastic. It is cut into even squared shapes and filled with ashta - curd cheese. The whole is drenched with sugar syrup. A true delicacy!

Baba Sweets
prepared an array of oriental pastries with an innovative twist for today's customers. Crowds stretched out their arms for a small bite, as the Baba Sweets employees frantically worked hard to serve everyone. The portions were very generous. I particularly enjoyed eating the aashet el saraya with the misk ice cream.

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