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Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eat the World in Lebanon

Eat the World
09 Apr 10 - Sloweb
A Portuguese chef-writer couple and friends of Slow Food have embarked on a trip around the world to discover different cultures through the pleasures of the table, and share this knowledge with their home country. In their project Eat the World, Maria and Francisco Martins da Silva will travel through 23 countries in 365 days, living with families and learning recipes and techniques from local people - from housewives to renowned chefs. Their experiences will be documented on their website, a national Portuguese newspaper and a food magazine.

“Our aim is to make Portuguese society know what’s happening in the different countries in the world: what people eat, their traditions, where our food comes from, etc.,” the couple wrote. “We believe that cooking is the extension of our cultural, historical and religious heritage...We want to unveil local gastronomy, discover the world through the kitchen and describe it on paper, revealing it to others. ”

Maria and Francisco also spoke of their commitment to the responsibility tied hand in hand with gastronomy. “We are very in tune with Terra Madre. We’re interested in discovering the deep connection between plate and planet, and focusing on the role people play in eco-gastronomy. It makes us sad to think that there are hundreds of millions of people that do not have enough to eat and hundreds of millions more that overeat. On the one hand, malnutrition and the other, obesity...The choices that we make affect the world of those who aren't given the chance to choose.”

Since departing from Portugal in February, the couple have visited Mozambique, Zanzibar, the UK, Turkey and Syria and will soon head through the Middle East and Asia, North and South America. Their story, photographs and video recipes can be followed on their website Eat the World.

Article taken from the Slow Food Website.

Check out their website at:  Eat the World

This adorable couple came to visit me about a month ago at my home. We sat around drinking beer and spoke for hours about FOOD. I made them mana'ish with an assortment of local cheeses and Lebanese pickles because I thought that would be the appropriate food to serve them (given my background). They are really doing something wonderful. Maria sends me mails every so often telling me of their exciting trip. They have covered a lot of miles and continue to do so, while discovering the food traditions of each country. I envy them, who knows ... !!! I have good news, I have finished my book Mouneh, with the help of many people for whom I am so grateful. I shall site them in the book. Now I am especially grateful to my patient friend Jill Boutros who is editing the text and to Mirna Hamady , the graphic designer who is putting it all together... So much work, but I have faith... I'm almost there ...I want to stop sitting on my computer for more than 12 hours a day...I am going to take a trip to the Bekaa to write the introduction of the book, as I promised myself. I definitely need this closure... kind of like giving birth... can't sleep, I can eat, but too excited...

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Nathaniel Mounayer said...

Wow! I'm so excited to hear that your second book is finished. I've been waiting for some time now for your second book. I'm a lebanese who grew up outside Lebanon and I'm now currently an apprentice chef. My goal is to be an accomplished and well-knowledged Lebanese chef one day. Your book Man'oushe has been a great factor in my growth and research on Lebanese cuisine. Kudos to you!
- Nathaniel Mounayer