Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Terra Madre / Salon del Gusto 2010

My daughter and I attended Terra Madre / Salon del Gusto 2010 in Torino, Italy this year with the same gusto and motivation. A delegation of about 15 persons coming from Lebanon joined, mostly made up of farmers and producers from all around the country. A very nice reporter named Assi Saji (who comes from Lebanese ancestry from his mother's side) send me a link with an interview I conducted with him on Italian TV - RaiNews 24. Take a minute to view the ambiance we lived through. The Lebanese stand was very popular and people from all over the world came to discuss our food. Makes you proud! 

This is what I said during the interview (in Italian) I wish I was fluent!!!!!!!!!!

Read the press clip (in Italian)

O la cucina libanese, culla della gastronomia mediorientale, con la sua ricchissima e golosa tradizione casearia, come ci racconta la astronoma Barbara Abdeni Massad: “C’è molta similarità tra la nostra cultura culinaria e quella italiana, e per questo agli italiani piacciono i nostri piatti, basati soprattutto su verdura e cereali. Presentiamo anche la nostra specialità: “Formaggio senza latte di grano fermentato”. 

The Google translation:

Or the Lebanese cuisine, the cradle of Middle Eastern cuisine, with its rich and tasty cheese tradition, tells us how the astronomer (weird) Barbara Abdeni Massad: "There is much similarity between our culinary culture and Italian, and Italians like this Our dishes are based mainly on vegetables and grains. We also present our specialty "cheese without milk made with fermented wheat."

This is the video link:
salon del gusto

A few shots taken during the fair:

A cultural exchange and so much more ...

Opening Ceremony

Our Maestro, the one and only Carlo Petrini!

Opening ceremony songs and dance.

Our friend from Tuscany, a white cow farmer, he calls me La Libanesa ...

Feel the excitement...

The first meeting for all Arabic speaking countries at Terra Madre.

The best speaker at the Arabic speaking conference, our own Sami!

Pesto Break for Mia!

If you haven't tasted Funghi Porcini, then you have missed out on alot!

Friendships of a lifetime are built at Terra Madre


Patricia said...

Indeed, it was a unique experience! still amazed how bio-diversity is essential to our survival! Long live the slow food movement in Lebanon:)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Thanks.

Anita said...

Wonderful event.. understood bits and pieces of the clip, seems like a festive event.