Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Conosci Il Tuo Pasto Guide 2013

Just received my copy, check it out! Lebanese restaurants and producers are included.

My friend Veronica is a passionate person about food who is working on this project, she sent me this piece of information that I wanted to share with you all... We often joke to each other that she is the Italian Barbara and that I am the Lebanese Veronica... One thing for sure we love FOOD!

Restaurants & Food, Conosci il tuo pasto the Guide 2013

Completely free, online and optimised for I-Phone, available both in Italian and English. On the blog www.conosciiltuopasto.it has just been published the third edition of the Guide Conosci il tuo pasto “Restaurants & Food 2013”, a guide to quality Mediterranean, certified and guarantee restaurants and food.

In the Guide is possible to find all those restaurants that reached the Cockerels and the Green Leaves for the year 2013 thanks to the ingredients of their menus: organic and local products, Slow Food presidia, Geographical Indications and products from the Fair Trade Commerce, and also a selection of new restaurants directly nominated by the public and candidate for the certification. More than this: all the addresses of the ice creams parlours certified by IMC – Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione and of all the certified shops wherein is possible to buy organic, quality and local products.

“This year we decided to refresh the Guide concept to consent a faster consultation and to make it available for I Phone so that it would be at one’s fingertips all the time, even while travelling. We created a wider map; in fact, besides all the certified restaurants of the circuit Conosci il tuo pasto, ice cream parlours where to taste an organic ice cream and shops for those who like to buy organic and local products will be included – affirmed Veronica Pecorella, Guide and blog editor – Nowadays people are getting more and more careful and conscious: consolidating a circuit connected by a guarantee system, by a manifesto that expresses the idea of a new restaurant industry that should restart from agriculture and from a common willing to promote the territory is the real heart of Conosci il tuo pasto project. A project in which PARTICIPATION is the keyword and consumers, either adults or kids, comments are fundamental. I leave you with my best wishes, hoping that during these coming holidays we all would give to ourselves the possibilities of tasting and sustainable moments in the restaurants with the cockerels!”

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