Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Khebz w Meleh ma3 Barbara - Bread & Salt with Barbara

A video clip made by Independent Productions for a new show we are working on called Khebz w Meleh ma3 Barbara (Bread and Salt with Barbara). The basic idea is breaking bread, sharing food and friendship with people from Lebanon from all communities alike, while keeping our Lebanese culinary heritage alive. Toufic Trabulsi, the director of the video, was able to capture the essence of what I cherish the most in an artistic visual that makes me dream. I am very grateful. I hope one day to be able to find a suitable TV station, sponsor who will be interested to pursue this project. This is where my job stops!... too much of a dreamer to think about something called money and sales ...

NB: We borrowed the song from singer Feyrouz (one of the most prominent Lebanese singer), as this is a "pilot". We will not use it on the show, as it is not ours to keep. We will be working on a single later.

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Robin Willis said...

Hey! Damn small world. I worked with those guys. Say Hi to Toufic! I will get to your interview pretty soon.