Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ten Reasons to Shop at a Farmers' Market

While visiting San Francisco this summer, I fell upon a pamphlet published by  CUESA -Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture. The pamphlet describes the reasons why one should shop at a farmers' market. I have written a few words in parentheses on how I see it.

In short:

1.Taste real flavors (no more fake food / eat the closest food that comes to the earth / not processed)
2. Enjoy the season (always fresh fruit / vegetable / herbs / dairy products from the actual season)
3. Support family farmers (why not, instead of rich industrial corporation who are rich enough)
4. Protect the environment (how much work is needed, make a small difference)
5. Nourish yourself (with good wholesome food)
6. Discover the spice of life (food is an adventure, delve in it!)
7. Promote humane treatment of animals (how much work is needed here, especially in our region)
8. Know where your food comes from (who planted the seed, worked hard to put food on your table)
9. Learn cooking tips, recipes, and meal ideas (I learned so much from farmers and producers)
10. Connect with your community (People who work with food / land are awesome!)

Shorter: (I quote)

Environmentally Sound
Socially Just
Economically Viable