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Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Slow Food Beirut 2.0

Slow Food International is moving towards Slow Food 2.0, stated and repeated in the International Congress at Terra Madre 2012.

Guess what? so is Slow Food Beirut. We've have had our ups and down, to say the least. Regardless, one must move on and look to the future. It is my intention and the one of my peers (we have a wonderful team on board, would you like to be part of it?).

Before going to Terra Madre this year, I made a decision to run for presidency (sounds big) for Slow Food Beirut. Anyone else interested? I am ready. I want to make changes. I want peace. I want positive. My motive is simply to revive the organization and to get more people involved. That's it! I am writing this statement on my blog for everyone to read.

I am grateful to those whom have worked in the past on Slow Food Beirut and continue to do so.

I have a vision and it's purely made of positive thoughts and actions.

ACTION not WORDS. I'm tired of words, I want action for the future Slow Food Beirut 2.0. We are open to everyone and anyone. As long as that entity respects one philosophy: Good, clean, and fair.
Work ethics included of course, and for me the most essential base of all.

Nothing else. I am deeply committed to make this work, but I can't do it alone.

I hope you will get involved, we need you.

Every year, Terra Madre celebrates on the 10th of December it's anniversary. We too are celebrating in Beirut with the opening of a new Earth market in Ashrafieh in partnership with the Earth market in Hamra. The farmers' market will be located in the parking of Dekkenet and Falamanki on Damascus road. We are very grateful to Falamanki and the Dekkenet for giving us the opportunity to have this market open to the public. Mario, you're the best!

For more information: contact slowfood.beirut@hotmail.com

Important official statement from Barbara Massaad (next president of Slow Food Beirut inshallah / Election in January):  I, Barbara Massaad, do not in any way work against anyone or any other organization. I fully encourage all other local markets like Souk el Tayeb and all its producers, Tawlet restaurants (brilliant ideas are born there), and any other organization like Fair trade, IMC, Biomass, Bread Republic, organic food shops and restaurants, etc... (the list is too long thankfully).  We are all working on a common goal. May we all succeed hand in hand, individually maybe but never apart.

Nelly Chemaly ( food activist, presisium leader, interior designer, artist) has written a beautiful letter lately and has given me the permission to publish its content. I hope that this message will make a difference in our future.

Why my presence in Earth & Co.,Souk el Tayeb then Slow Food...?  Whatever name those idealistic enterprises may have. Because I am like you all an idealist.

Why I chose to work with farmers, earth people, (Ahl el Ard), why I chose to be beside Um Ali, to be her sponsor in a way... Because I am an Earth lover by soul.

Why I named our company Earth & Co. and chose to put in our logo people joining hands around the Earth...Because this is what I believe in.

Why I accepted to be a founding member in 2006 of Slow Food Beirut, because I thought at that time that it was for the interest of the farmers/producers.

Why I accepted for a while to be in the producers' committee of Souk el Tayeb, because I thought my presence would make difference for the producers.

All of this is because I believe that the farmers, producers and food communities are essential, primordial. And that they need all the help, appreciation and gratitude they can get.

Our past and present differences and misunderstandings are not their problems, we should not seek to divide but to join our efforts for their sake. We should be interdependent and not divided. We should build upon what is already here: all the great work you have done according to your principles... I don't care what name it is given or who is behind what, even though I adhere with you all...

May God give me the strength to build lots windmills in Lebanon

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