Lebanese Food and Culinary Traditions & Thoughts

Lebanese Food and Culinary Traditions & Thoughts
Spring time always inspires me...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Note from a Fan

Through the hardship of writing, researching, photographing, cooking and hearing criticism with endless days of sitting on my computer... Sometimes you receive a beautiful word from a fan and that makes everything worthwhile. So I would like to share this word with you from an adorable person. This gives me energy to go one despite all. 

 Note from fan:

"lets focus on solutions instead of ruminating on the past - let us see where there is hope - let us look at the small efforts - this country needs it more than anything...t embrasse e tjs fan de ton attitude et tes actions ! et pr finir cette belle photo to show how u are affecting this world by your actions (without being affected by people s opinions).

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