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Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Soup for Syria - Conditions in Refugee Camps

As I finish up writing the book Soup for Syria , the conditions are not better. You could say the reality is stagnant. Hatred is building up and so many people are caught in this raging war. You can order the book through Interlink Books based in the US. May this book bring a message of hope, of love, of empathy.

This my Aya. I say my Aya because I truly love her.
The war of Syria is written in her eyes, are you sensitive enough to read them. Today was hard. Very hard! People I visited last year are still living in the same misery and heartache. Babies are born, husbands are leaving and not coming back, hygiene is at its worst because of the rain and now the melting of the snow. Mud is everywhere. Humidity, hunger, pain.... I don't think I will sleep tonight.
war in syria in her eyes
A newborn who was born prematurely is in desperate need of help. The mother asked for Nursie 1 and diapers. The baby looks like he will not make it. I have never seen a baby so tiny and so fragile. Her husband left her with the baby and she is squatting with another family now who took pity on her. That family is also living in very difficult conditions but in spite of that , they took in this young desperate mother. If you can help in any way. Doctors who can help!!! Donations to buy milk would also be appreciated. I had to make sure the baby was alive because he looked so frail. It is very disturbing. I chose not to show his face because of mere superstition. I think his little feet show a lot. Help people. 
prenatal baby

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