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Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Culinary Trip to Kea Island, Greece May 18 - 23 2015

Aglaia's Table
Because we all need a break, I am organizing a culinary trip to Greece in a beautiful romantic island called KEA. I visited last year with my husband Serge Massaad and we want to share our experience with all of you. We were hosted by a wonderful couple who own a culinary school (home) and who really showed us the best of the island. Not your regular couple, Aglaia Kremezi is a famous cookbook author and her husband is her partner who is always ready to help. If you are interested to know more: please inbox me. I will be posting detailed information on my blog this week. The trip will take place in April 2015.Here is a sample 6-day tour. We can work on other recipes too. Aglaia just published a wonderful book called Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts but don't worry she cooks meat too... I am going to post some photos of our trip too... Yalla let's do a cool group and go and cook, eat, drink and soak up the peaceful mood of this beautiful island.

Aglaia and her husband Costas

I posted photos on Facebook!

According to my husband Serge, this is the best fish he has ever had
 The cost for our full 6-day programs (5 nights) is Euro 1555 per person.  This includes all program related activities and transportations on Kea.

The additional hotel cost would be either 400 for a double room with breakfast at the Keos hotel for the total of 5 nights; or 525 or more for a double with breakfast at the Porto Kea Suites (where you stayed last year). Please, note, these hotel prices are for May or September only, they go up in June.  
A happy customer
Depending on how many people you are, you can join in one of our regular programs, May 18-23, June 22-27, or September 21-26; or we can set a special date for you if you are more than 5 people.  The September program coincides with olive picking and pressing at our property.
Aglaia demonstrating her cooking techniques
Here is a brief description of the accommodations we cooperate with (prices are low season, and our discounts can't be combined with other seasonal hotel offers):

1. Porto Kea Suites, at http://www.portokea-suites.com/
RECOMMENDED:  Big luxurious comfortable rooms across from a sandy beach; the only hotel with 24-hour room service, open-air pool, breakfast included, snack bar/cafe, internet.  Special prices for Kea Artisanal guests starting at Euro 105 in May and September 2015.  
2. Keos Hotel, at www.keos.gr.  Nice rooms, overlooking the port from a distance, walking distance from two beaches.  Breakfast included.  Their rooms are great for sharing, usually having two identical beds.  Euro 80 a double; 70 a single; 90 a triple with breakfast.  
For more details about Keartisanal, please visit the website directly at http://www.keartisanal.com.  In particular, I suggest that you check the following links:
For a more concise idea of our activities, please click here.
This is the link for our dates.
Here you will find the information about the cost and what is included in it. 
For information about getting to Kea, please, inquire.
Our resumes, are on the "About Us" page. 
To read what was written in the press about Kea Artisanal, please, click here; and here is the latest post about us.  

Here are a few pictures of our programs, and you will find more here.
Click here for a video from our classes, please, click here.

Here is the link to Aglaia's food blog http://www.aglaiakremezi.com/, and here you will find her contributions to The Atlantic Monthly new food blog; see also, http://www.facebook.com/aglaia.kremezi and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kea-Artisanal/265645943484108.
A friendship for life

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