Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Book for Children on the Mouneh

The book is entitled The Days of Mouneh. This is a book written and designed by a mother and her daughter Youmna Jazzar Medlej and Joumana Medlej. They make an excellent team because Youmna makes all the necessary research to write the book and Joumana, an artist, draws the story to bring it to life. The book The Days of Mouneh is a book depicting the Mouneh of our ancestors. It begins with a grandmother washing her jars and her grandchildren asking lots of questions...The grandmother starts her narration by explaining step by step the mouneh to her grandchildren. She speaks of village life, of harvest time, of pickling, of salt marshes,of dairy products, of meat preserve, of collecting honey, of preserving different fruits and vegetables, of arak making, and many other subjects. The book is full of so much information easily presented to children to understand and grasp the subject. You can understand how happy I was when the book came out. I bought it for every birthday my children were invited to because I wanted all children to know of the subject. I really hope they took the time to read it carefully. These two artists have many other books under their sleeves pertaining to Lebanon and its heritage and traditions.
Ask your librarian to show you were they are stacked, because sometimes they are hidden somewhere very deep. It upsets me so!!! It's really good reading for both Lebanese and foreign children alike.... and for adults too... I have read all their books cover to cover... Look out for their new release on the ancient city of Tyre.

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Anonymous said...

hi barbara , this is francois , i loved ur idea & am sure that everybody will love it .
good luck & GOD bless u .