Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
Spring time always inspires me...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Women's League Event - A Lecture on Culture at AUB

Yesterday, I was invited to a lecture at AUB in the West Hall organized by the Women's League on Beirut's cultural influence in the area. It was raining and pouring and the streets were flooded, but my great aunt, Nina Djidejian a famous author who has written books on archeology for the past 40 years, insisted we go to this lecture. You can't never say no to dear Nina! I just love her so much and she inspires me with her continuous efforts and strenght. Actually, it was the ride to AUB that gave us the chance to discuss events of the past that dated to Nina's and my grandmothers childhood. I'm always intrigued to hear stories of our ancestors.

We arrived safe and sound to AUB. The lecturer was the minister of culture Tammam Salam. He gave a 15 minute speech on culture - defining it, discussing Beirut's influence in the region, pointing out our pride in major sectors concerning different cultural aspects. He was going on and on about many important cultural characteristics achieved in Beirut, but for a while did not mention FOOD CULTURE - AHHHH!!! But then he mentioned the influence of Lebanese restaurants in Arab countries and how Lebanese restaurants were franchising all over with very competitive results. OUF! It was brief, but at least he mentioned what to me is a major cultural influence that should not be ignored. I spoke to him after the lecture and asked if he knew about my book, he didn't!!! His wife, on the contrary, knew about the book and complimented me on the man'oushe's portrayal. So, something must really be wrong if the minister of culture of Lebanon does not know about my book... I shall send him a copy today, I really hope he reads it and appreciates its content. It might even inspire him to discuss the food culture of Lebanon more extensively during his next speech....

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