Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Going Organic in Lebanon - Different Ways:

Looking for an organic solution is not always easy in Lebanon, but it is possible! I know a lot of you don't have the time to go and buy your fruits and vegetables. Some of you love to pick each fruit and each vegetable individually, and some of you just prefer to buy everything on-line. It's a choice, it's personal and here is what I found for each and everyone of you:

To buy your fruit and vegetables at a farmer's market where (most) producers are certified organic go to:

1. Souk el Tayeb - Saturday at Saifi Village from 8 am-2 pm ; Weds. at ABC Mall from 3 pm-10 pm. I suggest you go early, as all the vegetables disappear at 11.

2. Souk el Ard - Tuesday at Hamra from 8 am-2 pm at the Bread alleyway.

To buy your fruits and vegetables online from a reliable source go to:

1. Bioboxlb.com - I ordered my list today and waiting for it to come on Thursday, I'll let you know. I will go and visit the owner of the company Mr. Charbel Rizk next week to learn all about his products.

2. Healthy Basket - a project by AUB ; google it!

To go to a shop and pick vegetables, fruits, and other products dealing with the Lebanese "terroir" go to:

1. Al Marej - Ashrafieh - Abdel Wahab El Ingizi - 01-210211 opened 8:30 am - 7:00 pm; for more details check them out on Facebook at Al Marej Organic Food Store.

2. Earth Market - Ashrafieh - Zahret el Ihsan Street - 01-219920 ; very cozy - like taking a culinary trip all over the world in the world of organic foods.

I hope this helps to get you to go organic! I know I am, I love my children too much ... Can't imagine poisons in their bodies ... what have we done, shame on those who are not ethical ...


Anonymous said...

Well done, thank you

Anonymous said...

Is it expensive?

francois beaini ( mounetna ) said...

hi barbara , nice blog , i like it .

Barbara Abdeni Massaad said...

yes it is more expensive, but aren't you or your family worth it?

Anonymous said...

myculinaryjourneythroughlebanon.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

Omar said...

Awesome information. I'm in San Diego, California right now on a vacation coming from Lebanon. My sister has helped me realize that converting to vegan/vegetarian is super beneficial for your body, mind and soul.

Moreover, its important to eat Organic without pesticides, genetic engineering, food coloring, hormones, artificial flavors, refined sugar, etc.

So, I was getting really scared that when I get back to Lebanon I will not be able to keep up this amazingly healthy lifestyle, but thanks to you I have much more hope of achieving what I want. What a great mother, wife and author you are :)Thank you for taking your time to help make others lives better and easier :D

Sttch by Sarah Enan-Zyr said...

thank you for this compilation

There's also Chal organic farming in Zalka 03306889 and Junieh 09 642372