Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ta3mini - Lebanese Restaurant Guide

I accidentally fell upon this website last week. It made sense to me that a website like Ta3mini should exist. Makes life much easier! It is very common in the US and in Europe. It is a good initiative and I am going to collaborate with them. I believe that we, as customers, deserve to know the truth. The opinions are not biased, thus reliable. What is interesting is that you can also add your comments to make the site even more trustworthy. So drop in, it's free! The logo of the site is called Abou Zooz, cute no?

"Ta3mini is a Lebanese restaurant guide, the home of every restaurant addict. It hosts quality reviews written by Souad and Jean, a gourmet couple, as well as many valuable guests.

Ta3mini has its loyal lovers, a community of reviewers who share their good and bad experiences. This army of volunteers brings precious insights and different opinions about restaurants.

Visitors can also look for restaurants, searching by location, price and cuisine. Then they can make their choice based on the rankings and reviews.

Restaurants owners also participate. Ta3mini offers them a space to interact with their customers: replying to unsatisfied customers, apologizing for a novice waiter, offering a dinner or promising better quality and service.

We launched this website in 2010 and are already seeing the effects. By opening bridges between restaurateurs and customers and by providing new means of restaurant discovery, Ta3mini and its community are helping to improve the quality of restaurants in our beloved country."

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