Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions

Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Barbara With Pierre Bared "Helwe Beirut"

Ladies and gentlemen, it is very sad to say but this is my last report with Helwe Beirut. Why? I have no idea. The show shut down a few days ago. What you are seeing these days are reruns. According to rumors, it's because of in-house politics bla bla bla.... The producer called me the night before I was to head down to Tyre to do a report on lost forgotten recipes of the South and BOUM she hit me with this news! I was overwhelmed because these weekly segments have become part of my life and sharing all my adventures with the audience was really special to me. I am what you call a believer in a philosophy that states: "If it's meant to be, than it's probably better for me", so I say as long as I have good health, I will keep walking doing what I always do (with or without a camera to record my trips).

This report above was shot just a week before this harsh ruling. It's very symbolic! I shot the segment with one of my very good friends (Pierrot) and captured life of a shepherd (Nizar) with goats (baby goats included) and the making of traditional bread in the tannur. All these elements are so special to me. The simple life, nature, friendship, family, good wholesome foodThis was my message to the Lebanese people and to the people in Arab countries who also viewed Helwe Beirut.

I would like to thank all those who worked with me especially Randa Abyad, the producer of Helwe Beirut. She was the one who pushed me to become a TV host. I will always be grateful to her for believing in me and never questioning my "trips". Roula Sidnawi is the segment director who worked on all my reports with unconditional love. She is amazing and I really would not have succeeded if I did not have her by my side. To Roula Saad and all the LBC crew with whom I worked: cameramen, sound engineers, light ... Thank you!

I asked my husband when I heard the news, "Do you think my fans are going to accept not seeing me every week in a different location in Lebanon cooking with food producers?" He answered, "Of course not, they will go down to Martyr's Square and shout... We want Barbara back!" He is silly, but it's a thought! Just kidding.

To all my dear fans, I will be back soon—I promise!


Souad said...

Great report! Simplicity is the road to happiness

Barbara Abdeni Massaad said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Barbara! You'll find a way to share those recipes...