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Lebanese Food / Wine and Culinary Traditions
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

I am going to attend this forum because I am very interested in the subject. I always tell my children that the job they should undertake when choosing their careers in life should matter to their community. I hope they will listen. One should work on making money, building a career, etc... but social responsibility is vital. I hope to get a clearer idea on how to build a business based on these principles. It's been on my mind for a while now...

“The Forum on Social Entrepreneurship …
Supporting and Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Lebanon”
  The Forum uses practical cases from Lebanon to enable participants and experts to
define the concept and the criteria for social enterprises in Lebanon,
as well as proposing solutions to possible challenges.
On March 15th, 2012 from 3:00 to 7:30pm, 
At the Medical Sciences Campus, Auditorium C,
Saint Joseph University, Damascus Road.
Join us and share your experiences and ideas.
Register before March 14th, 2012 on:

This one-day Forum will address the concept and application of social entrepreneurship within the Lebanese context. It is intended as a first nation-wide attempt to define the criteria and
requirements for initiating and sustaining social businesses in Lebanon.
Social entrepreneurship: A new business model for social change.

What is social entrepreneurship?

Who are social entrepreneurs?

Why do we need social enterprises?

How can Social Entrepreneurship support social and economic development?

How can we promote social entrepreneurship?

Panelists: Gilbert Doumit - BRD, Georges Khalaf - Synergos, Pierre Issa - arcenciel, Dr. Khater Abi Habib - Kafalat
Moderator: Rania Baroud

Defining the criteria of a social enterprise
Speakers: 2b design, Souk el Tayeb, Responsible Mobilities, USJ

Financing a social business
Speakers: Kafalat, ADR

Enhancing the legal and tax environment
Speakers: IRAP, Municipality of Ghbaleh, USJ, Institute of Finances - Basil Fuleihan

Fostering innovation in social entrepreneurship
Speakers: Little Engineer, Berytech, LEAD, Sahbeh

Forum on social entrepreneurship in Beirut
Organized by arcenciel in collaboration with Beyond Reform & Development and Saint Joseph University.

Forum Language: Arabic.

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